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Mufti I
want to know if I can accept zakaat to for my old debts and current expenses.

I am a contractor. For the year 2019 I only worked for approx 2 months . I have
3 school going kids . I managed to pay most of there school fees for the year ,
outstanding 10k . I have been applying for jobs within my industry and also
elsewhere.I am not coming right .

Apart from this current expenses I am struggling with I have old debt of about
100k from various people and banks with I cannot pay . I tried buying and
selling goods but no luck on my side . Currently I live on loaned funds and off
my wife’s money . I live on my mums property and do not own anything apart from
my home furniture and my car which my dad pays for me monthly . I also have a
health problem (Chrons desease ) , I get medication off my medical aid which is
now suspended due to no payment .

Previously I was able to sustain myself as the industry I am in had
opportunities for work every few months .

The market is now flooded and I am struggling to get work .

• can I collect zakaat from my siblings / parents / in laws to :

1- live day to day until I get employed

2- pay out my interest and non interest bearing loans

3 - use this funds to further my studies in my field for a wider and better
opportunity to find work . 


From our understanding of your query, you are indebted to a number of people and banks and own absolutely no investments, cash, jewellery, etc. apart from some household contents and a motor vehicle which are for personal use. If this is the case then you do qualify to receive Zakaat.

However, you may not receive Zakaat from your parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren, as their Zakaat will not be discharged by giving it to you. Your siblings and in laws on the other hand, may assist you with Zakaat funds.

These funds may be used for your day to day expenses as well as payment of all loans whether from individuals or banks (which have attracted interest). The funds may also be utilized to further your studies.


ANSWERED BY: Mufti Mohammed Desai 

CHECKED AND APPROVED BY: Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B 

Date: 06 Safar 1441 

English Date: 05 October 2019