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What is the way of doing Purdah (Niqaab) for sporst day for Madrasah? 

If your query is with regard to the event itself then:
1. If the boys’ and girls’ students are having one sports day (mixed event) then under no circumstances can this be permitted in Shari’ah due to the intermingling of sexes which is not permissible in Shari’ah.
2. If the boys and girls are having separate sport days (as it is supposed to be) then too, no commandment of Allah  should be transgressed especially with regard to Pardah. The boys must cover their Satar making sure that the parts from the knees upwards to the navel are covered and the girls must cover their entire bodies (except for those limbs that can be exposed in front of women) and their clothing must be loose-fitting and not in the fashion of the conventional shape-revealing, tight-fitting sportswear. Similarly, no male should be allowed to attend the girls sport day and no female should be allowed to attend the boys sport day.
On the other hand, if your query is with regard to females attending the sports event, then the Shar’i ruling is well known that that Shari’ah does not permit females to emerge from their homes unless in true and dire need. If there is no real necessity, a woman should remain within the confines of her home. Allah  mentions in the Noble Quraan:
وَقَرْنَ فِِ بيُُوتِكُنَّ وَلََ تَبََجَّْنَ تَبََجَُّ الَْْاهِلِيَّةِ الُْْولََ...
Remain in your homes and (when it is absolutely necessary to leave your homes, leave properly clothed as mentioned in verse 59 of this Surah) do not make a display of yourselves as was the practice of (women during) the former period of ignorance (during the period before the Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam came to people, when women walked about without adequately covering their bodies). [Surah Ahzaab:33 - Aayah:33]
In the instance where women have to leave their homes for some necessity, they should do so with dignity by lowering their gazes and with modesty, without making a dazzling display of themselves with alluring adornments. etc. As a guideline, the following aspects should be adhered to:
 She should seek permission from her husband or her Wali (the person responsible of her).
 She must dress according to Sharî’ah (she should wear a loose garment that covers the entire body without revealing the shape of the body).
 She should not beautify herself. (she should not apply make-up and perfumes)
 She should ensure that she is not entirely alone in privacy with any non-Mahram males.
 Any type of communication with non-Mahram males will only be to the extent of necessity and not more (i.e. no joking and laughing will be permitted at all in any form, she should not speak to non-Mahram males in a soft and attractive voice which can cause the inclination of men towards her; rather she should speak in a stern voice to them).
 she should only go out to the extent of necessity and not more.
When Shari'ah has prohibited women from emerging outdoors for the purpose of going a few meters down the road to the Masjid for Salaah, then how can they be permitted to come out from their homes merely to attend a sports event?
ANSWERED BY: Abdullah Badat
CHECKED AND APPROVED BY:  Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B. 
Islamic Date: 8 Safar 1440 English Date: 18th October 2018