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What is the ruling
regarding women visiting the grave, can she go with her Mahram or not at


There is a difference of opinion amongst the Ulama whether or not the women are also included in the general permission (regarding visiting grave) mentioned by Rasulullaah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Those Ulama who grant leeway give permission with the proviso that the following conditions are adhered to:

 She must dress according to Sharî’e Purdah (she should cover her face and wear a loose garment that covers the entire body without revealing the shape of the body without beautifying herself i.e. she should not apply make-up and perfumes).

 She should be accompanied by her Mahram.

 There should be no fear of Fitnah, by intermingling with Non-Mahram men etc.

 She should be able to control her emotions by not wailing and crying uncontrollably.

 She should not personally enact any Bid’aat or be part of it in anyway even if it be by her mere presence there.

Allamah Shaami Rahimahullah writes in Radd-ul-Mu’htaar:

“If a female visits the graveyard to remember death and soften without crying, there is nothing wrong if she is old. It is not permissible (Makrooh) for young women (due to it being a cause of Fitnah). (Raddul Muhtaar Vol. 2 Pg. 242) 

The Ulama advise that since the above-mentioned conditions are generally lacking in most women, they should not visit the graveyard. The fitnah and immorality that is prevalent around us which is worsening day by day is hidden to none. There is great harm and danger for our women-folk, whether young or old, to even step out of the house let alone visiting the graveyard. Allamah Ebrahim Halabi Rahimahullah (regarding his era) writes that women should not be permitted to visit the graveyard due the various sins and vices that will play out in permitting them to do so. (Halabi Kabeer Pg. 594 Suhail Academy) 

Hence, Mufti Mahmood Hasan Ghangohi Rahimahullah also writes that nowadays due to women (whether young or old), indulging in different types of vices when visiting the graveyard, the ruling will be that they should be prohibited from visiting the graveyard.(Fataawa Mahmudiyyah Vol. 9 Pg. 192 Faruqiyyah). Lastly, the best advice of course is that a woman should not even venture out of her house without any real necessity.


ANSWERED BY: Abdullah Badat

CHECKED AND APPROVED BY:  Mufti Muhammed Saeed Motara Saheb D.B. 

Islamic Date: 13 Safar 1440  English Date: 23rd October 2018