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1 Selling Qurbani animals over the phone Fri 20 May 2016

6. During the Qurbani season, many farmers sell Qurbani animals to customers over the phone that haven’t seen the animal. Is such a transaction valid in Shariah?
The purchaser should be fully aware of the item that is being purchased. By merely ordering the animal over the phone, one is unaware of the type/ description /size, etc. of the animal that is
being purchased and could even lead to a dispute at a later stage. Therefore if an animal is bought over the phone without the buyer seeing the animal and the transaction is concluded then such a

2 Validity of slaughtering a sheep that appears to be one year old for Qurbani Thu 13 Sep 2018


If a lamb is 5 months and 2 weeks old and it looks bigger or is equivalent to a one year old sheep, then can it be slaughtered for Qurbani?

What is the ruling for sheep regarding Qurbani?


A sheep has to be one-year-old for its Qurbānī to be valid. However, if it is six months old but appears to be one-year-old when left among the one-year sheep, its Qurbānī will also be valid. If the sheep doesn’t meet these requirements (as in your enquired case), its Qurbānī will not be valid.

3 Selling the skin of a Qurbani animal Mon 04 Mar 2019


a person, after doing his Waajib Qurbani donated the skin, or rather, gifts the skin of the Qurbani animal to the owner of the farm where Qurbani was carried out. once the owner takes possession of the skin which was gifted to him, he sells it to a particular person. the funds accrued from the sale of the skin is then donated as Lillah to a particular institute. 
Is the sale of the skin valid as the normal Mas'ala is that selling of Qurbani meat is not permitted? 
Is the Lillah donation to the institute in order?