Duties of an executor


I have been appointed as an executor of a deceased's estate. there are certain family members that are assisting me to wind up the estate. what are my duties as an executor? 
Should I, as an executor, request accurate records for every transaction, such as funds utilised for burial costs, feeding guest that attended the burial, virtuous acts carried out on behalf of the deceased, etc? Should I have a record of all funds and assets belonging to the estate before signing off any document? 

Distribution of estate: Munasakhah


1. My mother passed
away in September 2010

2 .My father passed away October 2018 leaving three daughters and a son as

3. Properties are owned by my father, but He bought all in my mother's name

4. When my father was Alive he wished that his properties should be equally
divided among his children, that is one son and three daughters

My question is: 

Distribution of estate


A deceased lady is survived by the following heirs: - 
3 Daughters
2 Real sisters (from the same mother and father) 
1 Step brother (From the same father but different mother) 
1 Step sister (From the same father but different mother)
How will the estate devolve? 


Wasiyah for inheritor, Fidyah for Salaat and fast, distribution of estate


I have a
question regarding inheritance and quad salah fidya that need clarification.

Before my mum passed away she told my eldest sister to give her car to my
younger sister after my mum’s demise. We are a total of 5 children i.e. 4
sisters and one brother.

After my mum's passing my elder sister told us that my mum told her to give her
motor vehicle to one of my younger sisters.

As the days passed the same sister to whom the car was supposed to go to said

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