Giving Zakaat to a Sayyid


Is it permissible to give Zakaat to a Sayyid? 

In the enquired case, it is inadmissible to give Zakat to a Sayyad (progeny of Hazrat Ali , Aqeel , Ja’far , Abbas , and Harith Bin Abdul Muttalib) and similarly it is prohibited for a Sayyad to receive Zakat money. However, in dire needs, the ruling will differ. (Ahsanul Fataawa Vol. 4 Pg. 288-289) 

Discharging Zakaat on profits


A family
company contains several partners. Each year, the partners share the profits.
We were told that each partner must pay the Zakate individually. Now, my first
question is: will the partners have to pay immediately, like a year has passed
or wait a year after they are in possession of the goods?

My second question: if the partners decide not to distribute all the profits

Accepting Zakaat for old debts and current expenses


Mufti I
want to know if I can accept zakaat to for my old debts and current expenses.

I am a contractor. For the year 2019 I only worked for approx 2 months . I have
3 school going kids . I managed to pay most of there school fees for the year ,
outstanding 10k . I have been applying for jobs within my industry and also
elsewhere.I am not coming right .

Apart from this current expenses I am struggling with I have old debt of about


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